Thursday, 14 June 2012

Martin Cid explains how to write a book

Martin Cid, author
Martin Cid, novelist. Proud ( and excessive) pipe smoker, virulent talker, quasi-abstemious, his spacious presence has had the bad taste to fill the nights in Madrid with puffs for more than ten years. Writer and author of three novels and an essay, it stays admirer of Jack Daniel’s. ‘Ariza’, his first published novel, written with Isabel del Rio, it tells the Medina family history and its two realities: one metaphoric travel through the time and a real travel by train through the Central Plateau of Spain. ‘Ariza’ is magic and time, and symmetry in this eternal search for truth. Prodigious drinker of absinthe. ‘A Century of Ashes’, author’s first novel published in solitary, it goes back of the Old South of the United States and tells a story of hatred and violence, of mixed feelings, of arrogant men and ruthless women. Told with humor, however it brings us to the darker side of the human being: from the greatness to utter pettiness. Magnanimous brandy...

Now, he has a new section on Yareah magazine ( and today he explains some of his work as a novelist

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Jasper Johns, my favorite painter

Read my last article about Jasper Johns
Born in 1930, he spent his earlier life between Georgia and South Carolina with different relatives. No art in those places, no artists working near him, no questions about abstract thoughts. He painted at home, alone, only a hobby to mark some difference, because he wanted to be different, to change his fate...

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Send your recipes at Yareah magazine

Yareah magazine has just opened a new section about food. If you would like to join. Send your recipes now. We will publish together with your photo and little bio.
Are you a great cook? A creative person? A fantastic professional?
Join us now!

What's Love?

This issue of Yareah magazine is dedicated to Love. Very many authors speak about Love but I like this article by Ann Timmermans
That's Love (she said) The Mate to your Soul.
Beautiful! Really beautiful!

Jack the Labrador, Yareah magazine pet

Jack the Labrador, Yareah magazine pet
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Friday, 23 December 2011

Martin Cid, my friend

Martin Cid
I have been reading Martin Cid's novels from years (well, not many, we are not so old!). High literature, in my opinion, sometimes funny and with close characters (I identified with them and their miseries or joys) but with complex structures and an innovate sense of time.
This is what he seeks: 'Literature is time, the last taboo of people', he used to say.
Martin Cid is a really talkative person, very friendly and active. He has always new ideas and he likes to share them with friends. From Yareah magazine to lectures and exhibitions, he has been involving us at his interesting projects, nobody has never refused, he has always excited us.
He likes talking, eating, smoking and drinking. He often jokes that all writers have been drunk. Not him, I've never seen him drunk. He is physically huge, no bottle of whisky would knock down.
Now he is preparing a new serial novel to publish in Yareah magazine. He has been thinking about it the last months:
'You will read it soon, Michael. It will be different, I dislike repetition'.
'First post, will be at the beginning of 2012, to start the year with a new emotion!.
Happy Cristmas, Martin.
I am waiting for the novel!!